Fresh Starts


Have you ever felt the dread of going to work? I have and it’s the absolute worst! I have just left a company after 2.5 years due to a round of redundancies and boy am I glad I am finally free. I have been so lucky to have met some fantastic friends, of course you always get someone you won’t miss! Amongst all this workplace love I am still super excited about starting a new chapter. My new company is very different to the last but throughout my interviews I felt at home, everyone I met was lovely and I know I will fit in…apparently they have a craft club so it has to be good right?!

This weekend has been great, the boyfriend had a rare Saturday off so we made the most of it by popping into Cambridge for a spot of shopping and some lunch. I had been toying with the idea of a new laptop but being quite uneducated when it comes to “ram” and “graphics cards” etc I was grateful to have Dave with me and I am pleased to announce that I now have a lovely new laptop courtesy of John Lewis. It’s perfect for what I need and I wouldn’t have known what I was doing if it wasn’t for the boy! It’s compact, cute, light and just the right size to fit nice and snug into my satchel.

My weekend of successes

* Didn’t kill the flowers I received as a leaving gift

* Had lovely Saturday hanging out with the Boy

* Purchased a new laptop

* Enjoyed some treats from Hotel Chocolat

* Spent a day shopping with my Mum

* Took some trousers up

* Brought some wool to start my Attic 24 blanket (

This coming week is full of excitement as not only do I start a new job but I am also going to meet the Cam City Women’s Institute on Wednesday evening as I am hoping to join them. On Saturday I am off to a blogging event down in London with the rather fabulous Miss Sue Flay ( which I’m looking forward to. Oh and of course I have the usual Thursday evening Craft Club to attend which is always an awesome way to spend a few hours, hopefully my yarn will have arrived and I can get started on the beautiful Attic 24 blanket!

I should get an early night as it’s the start of my new chapter tomorrow. The only worry I have is what to wear. Wish me luck! Have a fabulous week – let me know what you get up to!

With Love,

Sign off into the snuggery

P.S. I typed this on my wonderful new laptop! Thanks for the guidance Dave xo





I get asked why I craft all the time, the simple answer is…I love crafting. If you had asked me this time last year whether I thought I would ever pick up a crochet hook I would have laughed. I was never into art at school and never thought of myself as “creative” but how wrong I was!

I got to the stage where I wanted to learn something and having seen a fellow colleague knitting I looked into it. Knitting is not my cup of tea but it introduced me to the world of crochet and I have never looked back. Crochet is so versatile and the scope of things to make is pretty incredible. I use the utterly gorgeous Knit Pro Symfonie hooks and tend to purchase yarn either from my local craft shop, Craft Corner in Melbourn or online. I’m always on the lookout for a new yarn to try as I have an endless list of projects I want to do. I feel as though I need to retire to make enough time to craft.


I decided to join a craft group at Craft Corner to learn how to crochet as I just wasn’t picking it up using YouTube. I now go every Thursday evening and even make the odd appearance on a Sunday afternoon if I need some help or even some peace and quiet to get a project finished. I am yet to find a problem that Mandy (Owner of Craft Corner) cannot fix but she is always up for a challenge! Check out the link for a sneaky peak at the newly created instagram page Mandy has set up

The fact that all the clubs are held in the shop is even better as you can just buy any supplies you need whilst you are there.  Thinking about it I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not…my purse is always lighter when I leave as a result of them stocking so many gorgeous yarns and fabrics.


Since I started crafting in November 2013 I have brought a sewing machine so I can try my hand at dressmaking. Compiled a scrapbook for my boyfriend as he lost all our holiday pictures when his phone had a meltdown. Crocheted a couple of lovely mini monsters and produced a set of nesting bowls as a present for my Mum. My current project is a hexie quilt which is all hand sewn, it’s a slow burner but I love the satisfaction you get when a block is finished.

I tend to get inspiration for my projects from Pinterest so feel free to follow me on there or on instagram

I dare you to try something new over the next  couple of weeks. If I hadn’t tried crochet I wouldn’t be mid quilt project right now! Go on…give it a go, you might like it. If you are local to Cambridge/Royston do pop into Craft Corner, Melbourn and have a look as it’s a fab little shop.

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery





Mary Poppins at 50!

Mary Poppins @ 50

Listening to Radio 2 last night on my way back from my usual Thursday evening of crafting at when Jo Whiley made me feel so exceptionally old (I’m only 26).

And tonight we will be playing a Mary Poppins mix tape to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the films release. 

Now, I adore Mary Poppins so much so that I watched the film every day for six weeks during the school summer holidays when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I could recite it word for word by the end. My beloved and treasured Mary Poppins VHS, old fashioned tape to you youngsters, subsequently “got lost”…no doubt with a bit of help from my mum!

Mary Poppins is still one of my absolute all time favourite films. I think it is the escapism of the film that is so appealing to kids and adults of all ages. Who would have thought that jumping into chalk pictures and tea parties on the ceiling would still entertain me just as much as it did 19 years ago?

I was horrified to discover some 4 and a half years ago that my boyfriend had never seen Mary Poppins! It could only mean one thing…popcorn, a duvet and Mary Poppins on DVD. Once it had finished he seemed impressed and I was overjoyed to have had Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews back in my life and to have shared one of my favourite films with my favourite person.

Films that made my childhood

♥ Mary Poppins

♥ Matilda

♥ Pocahontas

♥ Toy Story

♥ The Lion King

♥ Mrs Doubtfire

♥ Notting Hill

♥ Save the Last Dance

♥ Babe

♥ Dunston Checks In

♥  Hook

♥ Free Willy

♥ The Addams Family

♥ The Flintstones

I could list loads more but I’d be here all day. This weekend I think I may have to pull one of these films out to watch with my younger brothers. They need to know about life before Harry Potter, Doctor Who and the Walking Dead!

Take some time to leave a reply and share some of your favourite films or better still snuggle up on the sofa over the Bank Holiday and share it with a loved one.

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery


header picture into the snuggery

So this is where it all begins, my very first blog post.

It’s really thanks to the awesome and very talented Miss Sue Flay ( that I even feel able to write something people may want to read. Heck, they may even enjoy it! My idea for this blog is to take you on my journey with me. It will showcase my love for crafting, baking, style and travelling…I want to share my world with you.

Craft – I started crafting almost on a whim. I wanted to learn something a little different, a little out of the ordinary so I picked crochet. I joined a craft club in a nearby village and have been hooked ever since. Hook…crochet…an accidental joke I should apologise for as it is terrible! The ladies at the club then got me into scrapbooking, quilting and needle felting to name a few. I get the guys at work winding me up calling me old but crafting is coming back in a big way, look at the Handmade Fair that is being hosted by ♥ Kirstie Allsopp ♥ (I actually love her). You are never too young to pick up a craft and with such a spectrum there really is something for everyone! You can find the details for the Handmade Fair here

Bake – I have loved baking since I was a small child. My Grandad was a baker and I adored spending any time I could baking cupcakes with him. I still enjoy baking with my boyfriend who likes to make a banana and chocolate chip loaf of an afternoon. I see millions of recipes on Pinterest so I will share my favourite ones in a future post.

Style – When I say style I don’t necessarily mean clothing/fashion…I mean everything from interiors to bags. I love perusing the web and soaking up all of the beautiful interiors, the delightful satchels, the latest craft craze…it’s an escape and a way to build up a list of idea’s I like. Again my favourite medium to do this on is Pinterest, feel free to follow me

Travel – I love travelling and have a list of places I’d love to visit and things I’d love to see. A “top 10 places I must go” listicle will be appearing shortly! I have a longing to live in St Ives, Cornwall when I’m older. The Cornish coast is just stunning. If you haven’t been or even if you are a frequent visitor to that part of the world you absolutely must go to the Minack Theatre…it is breathtakingly beautiful

 With love,

Into The Snuggery