Life is changing…

Life is constantly changing and ever evolving…mine has just gone into overdrive.

My five and a half year relationship came to an end overnight and now I’ve picked up the pieces I’m happily rearranging them ready for my next adventure. If it wasn’t for such amazing friends those pieces would still be scattered all over the place.

When something life changing like this happens I hope it’s not just me that goes a little insane. I went from not knowing what I would do to contemplating moving to Brighton through to going travelling.

A chat with a good friend one Sunday afternoon made me realise none of those were the right thing. She managed to get me thinking straight within a few hours and I’m forever grateful. The page to my next chapter is slowly being turned and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Singledom has so far meant that I’ve spent a weekend with 530 Women’s Institute members camping at Tea and Tents, been to the Quilt Show in Birmingham, spent a weekend in Shropshire and have another trip away planned for October. Oh and all this slots in around me finally moving out. I’ve made new friends, spent precious time with old ones and made amazing memories along the way.


I’ll be elaborating on Tea & Tents and the quilt show in my next post. I’ll try not to make you wait too long.

With love,



When all else fails

When all else fails to keep me thinking logically I pick up a crochet hook. I immerse myself in the calming, repetitive motion of pulling and turning yarn into loving made stitches. Those beautiful stitches then turn into a handcrafted piece of me. Everything I make has an essence of me in it. This is why I love handmade items.

My current WIP is My Crochet Doll which is a book I treated myself to for my birthday.



She is far from finished as there are lots of clothes to make but I love every minute of making her! She still needs a name if you have any suggestions!

My other ongoing project is a fab Bothy Threads cross stitch. I ♡ cross stitching and I must admit I thought it was rather old fashioned until I unearthed Bothy Threads and the vast amount of modern patterns on Etsy. I’m currently working on the Funky Caravan kit.


I cannot wait to start the Cut Thru’ Rocket…it is going to be simply awesome!


Well I guess that’s my short but sweet update.

With love,



That’s WIP as in “Work In Progress” not whips as in 50 Shades of Grey!

Now I know I am rather stubborn but my resolve is wearing thin right now. I think I have fallen out of love with my blanket, the fact I feel like this is rather confusing. I want to finish it so badly but every time I look at it I opt to make daisies instead (I’ll explain shortly). I am so eager to get it finished so I can move onto my next project guilt free.

I already have a list of projects I want to start as long as my arm but I know that if I start a new blanket I will never finish my current one!


∴ Patchwork Feather Quilt – hopefully with the help of my beautiful friend!

∴ Dresden Plate Quilt – it is simply stunning

∴ Hexie Quilt – just to snuggle under on a chilly evening

∴ Multi Stitch Crochet Blanket –  just to practice more stitches and a blanket is rather practical so it’s a double win!

∴ Bunting – everyone needs bunting…don’t they?!

∴ Space Bag – a lovely large overnight bag

∴ Crochet Slippers – these are for my amazing mum and have been in the pipe line for a long time

∴ Dress – I always need more, every girl does

 Back to the daisies I am making. They are going to form part of a yarn bomb for a very special and newly created WI. I have so much love for my wonderful WI ladies and this is something that may just make someone’s day. What could be better than that?

What are your next projects? Are you working on something that will brighten up someone else’s day? Let me know what you are up to.

Sign off into the snuggery

Bring it on 2015…I’m ready for you!


Well 2014 was quite a year and 2015 will be very different if I have anything to do with it. I have a few things up my sleeve that I want to get started on…lots of projects to try and a yarn bomb to prepare for!

My Resolutions Adjustments

Crochet more

Hesitate less

Learn to quilt

De-stash my craft supplies

Attempt to try dressmaking

Live, love and laugh more

Blog more

Make 2015 amazing


I have a 5 year anniversary with the boyfriend to look forward to. Maybe this year I’ll learn even more than I did last year. After last years turbulence I have learnt that I’m stronger than I think, tougher than I thought and luckier than I could have hoped for.

When you are surrounded by people you love and that love you back you can do anything you set your mind to. It sounds like a cliché but I assure you it’s 100% true. I am the luckiest girl to have such a fantastic support network.


Positives from 2014

Joining the WI

Meeting new friends

Learning so much from so many people

Stronger relationships

Let me know your New Year “Adjustments”

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery

It’s nearly C H R I S T M A S


So now I have finally recovered from my annoyance at the UK retail market taking on the very American custom of “Black Friday” I can feel myself finally getting excited about Christmas.

I have three Secret Santa’s to buy for and I can’t wait for the final one with my fellow Knitting Kittens. The older I get the more I love the hunt for Christmas presents, finding the perfect  gift is like a crazy festive treasure hunt!

I have managed to find myself a Boy that dislikes Christmas as he works in retail but I love him anyway.

My Christmas List

* wool winder – yes I’m a crocheter and I like neat yarn

* Liberty book – the Boy knows which ones

* Furls Crochet Hook – oooops I may have ordered this

* Lindy Bop dress – gorgeous vintage style dresses

* Yarn – I have another blanket planned

Other than that I can’t really think of anything…no wonder people say I’m tricky to buy for!

I shall post any fab Christmas gift finds in an upcoming post.

With Love,

Sign off into the snuggery


Being a Grown Up…


At the grand age of 26 years and 7 months old I still do not feel like a “proper” grown up in any way, shape or form.

I see friends having babies, beautiful little bundles of awesomeness. I see friends buying houses, stunning bricks and mortar. I see friends getting engaged and married, they all look incredible.

I am still living at home and I’m one of the lucky ones that genuinely gets on with their parents. I think about the future all the time, I’ve known what I want my house to look like since I was knee high however, if I ever get to live in it is another thing entirely. I don’t feel the urge to have a baby or get married and I have friends who think this is crazy. I think I may be trying to delay growing up for as long as possible. I’m just enjoying life, I have a fantastic social life that is hard enough to juggle as it is without throwing any more into the mix. If I could live in a beautiful Victorian terraced house in Cambridge with the boy and spend my spare time crafting I would be a very happy girl.

Talking of crafting, my blanket is coming on in leaps and bounds. I still love the project and I’m already planning a smaller blanket as a gift for a friends little girl.


I also have a snood for myself and a traditional scarf for the boy to make which I’m looking forward to starting. I don’t have a pattern for either but I’m ready and confident enough to give it a go myself. I can’t wait to show you all the finished items…it may be a little while as I’m not the quickest crocheter.

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery

A Blog A Day – Day 4

Day 4

My perfect day off is most definitely a duvet day. What could be better than being wonderfully snug in bed, ideally with someone else but even if you’re on your own it’s never a bad thing.

I love nothing better than being tucked up watching a film or reading a book although lately I have started reading my craft magazines instead of novels. I am reluctant to start a new book as the next installment of the Rivers of London is due on my Kindle shortly and I have been waiting months for it’s release.


I have spent the last few days off on “Mum Sitting Duty” which has been fantastic. We have had a film day every day so far. The stuff we’ve watched has ranged from Philomena through to Essex Boys with Sorority Row in the mix too.

How do you like to spend your days off?

With love,


A Blog A Day – Day 3



Day 3

I’m slightly impressed that I have made it to day 3 of the challenge!

Today, 1st October 2014, marks the day I am joining the Cam City Women’s Institute. I am so excited to be part of such a wonderfully diverse organisation. I have already managed to meet some of the loveliest ladies due to taking the plunge and going to a meeting. What more could a girl want…tea, cake and wonderful company. I urge you to give it a go if you have a local WI as you’d be amazed at the people you meet.

Today also marks the day of a social media phenomenon. The WI are showcasing the diversity of the members wishing to be part of something extraordinary and dispelling the myth that it’s all old ladies, jam making and Calender Girls escapades.

Below is my #IamWI twitter post. If you’re part of the WI, have you posted your picture yet? Please feel free to share the links with me.


I shall let you know how my adventures with the WI go in future blogs.

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery

A Blog A Day – Day 2



Day 2 – Top 5 Picks of the Week

1) My gorgeous new 15″ Aubergine satchel courtesy of Cambridge Satchel Company, it is worth every penny!

2) Some gorgeous jewellery on Oh My Clumsy Heart – I particularly love the stunning “Bertha” necklace

3) Very cute notebooks from a Georgie Woolridge, a local artist. She has so many amazing things in her Folksy store.

4) I am a little in love with both the new “Townhouse” and “Scattered Stars” print from Cath Kidston, take a peek

And finally

5) Everyone knows I love books and Mary Poppins so this is practically perfect in every way


Let me know what you think and show me your favourite finds this week.

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery


Challenge: A Blog A Day – Day 1

So I’m finally having a week off after a chaotic year and what better way to spend a lovely relaxing week with my mum but to challenge myself to write a blog a day?! They may be short and sweet but there will be a daily post.

Day 1

A little update on my Attic 24 blanket. It’s been a success so far and I am loving all the colours! I have had so many compliments that I will definitely be making another one! Below is my progress so far;


I never in a million years thought that my crochet skill could produce something that looks as good as the above. I’m hoping have a week of happy hooking but we all know that things never go to plan. If I could crochet for a living I would be one happy lady.

I recently went to a local knitting group (they also love crochet) and saw some gorgeous sock knitting in progress. I’d love to learn to knit one day but I don’t think I would have the patience to knit as it always takes ages grow. I like the instant  gratification that I get from crocheting. I’m finding myself carrying my blanket everywhere just in case I have a spare few minutes to do a few extra stitches.

I’m turning into a crazy crochet lady and I love it!

With love,

Sign off into the snuggery